Citizen Transportation Forums

Are you concerned about traffic congestion in the Washington DC area? What do you think of charging new tolls on our region’s roads? Would you like to be paid $100 for taking the time to share your opinions with us?

We’re looking for members of the general public to attend one of five interactive community forums to be held in Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia over the next several months.  These forums, sponsored by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, will focus on some possible solutions to traffic congestion in our region, including putting tolls on existing roads. The purpose of the forums is to bring together a representative sample of residents in order to get their views on a variety of different ideas.  In particular, we will be discussing congestion pricing, a form of road tolling in which congestion would be reduced by charging higher tolls on roads with more traffic.

We are looking for people to attend one of the meetings listed below.  Each meeting will be about four hours in length. In order to show our appreciation, we will offer a stipend of $100 to each person who attends and participates throughout the meeting. We need to hear your experiences of traffic congestion in our area and your views about what should be done about it. We are looking for a mix of people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences.  We want those who live in all parts of the region, including those who primarily drive as well as those who mainly use public transportation.

If you are interested, please fill out the short application associated with the event(s) you would like to attend. You may apply for up to two events.

Dates and locations of meetings:
Saturday, October 15		New Carrollton, MD
Saturday, November 5		Rockville, MD
Saturday, November 19		Chantilly, VA
Saturday, December 3		Springfield, VA
Saturday, January 21		Washington, DC - APPLY HERE

If you have questions or need more information, please contact David Anstett at or call 202-775-3939 ext. 1006.