Sustained Engagement

AmericaSpeaks’ combines a variety of approaches for sustained citizen engagement and public deliberation. These approaches include, 21st Century Town Meetings®, 21st Century Summit®, online engagement, community conversations, engagements strategies and project design, capacity building, outreach, experienced project management and a variety of other tools and services. Our methods help decision makers create meaningful infrastructures that will support a public engagement infrastructure.

Long Term Projects

AmericaSpeaks’ has worked with state, regional, county and city leadership to help build sustainable citizen engagement infrastructures. Read about a region revitalizing their economy through citizen engagement or read about how citizens in Owensboro-Daviess (KY) County have made ongoing commitments to advancing their local priorities.

21st Century Town Meeting

AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Town Meeting® is a public forum that links technology with small-group, face-to-face dialogue to allow thousands of people to deliberate simultaneously about complex public policy issues and express a shared message to decision-makers.

Online Deliberation

Leverage the ever-expanding potential of online discussion and consultation with the public. AmericaSpeaks provides strategic advice, project design and management expertise in online consultation. From the comfort of their own home, citizens would be able to offer their ideas as well as discuss with other citizens about your issue.

Community Conversations

Hundreds or thousands of people can participate in Community Conversations held in homes, schools, places of work and community centers across your target area. AmericaSpeaks works with you to develop easy-to use materials that help participants coordinate events, host focused discussions and report the outcomes back to you. Citizen-led Community Conversations can contribute to your project’s goals and increase community participation.

Engagement Strategy and Project Design

AmericaSpeaks can develop a public participation project that is appropriate for your political context, policy making process, and community’s needs. AmericaSpeaks has conducted over fifty large scale projects; each one has been unique and different. Whether you are looking to engage thousands of people in a regional effort, or hundreds in a localized project, we will work extensively with you to identify the right tools, staffing, content and engagement approaches to reach your project goals – and then collaborate with you to deliver an effective project. Our commitment to you is to ensure high levels of participation, transparency, and informed participation.

Building Community Capacity

A comprehensive engagement strategy can transform your participants into stakeholders with sustained involvement in your project. AmericaSpeaks will help you increase your community’s awareness and understanding of the issues at hand with in-person and online learning opportunities. We will also work with you to encourage and support the on-going, sustained citizen participation that results from your projects.

Participant Outreach

AmericaSpeaks has a rock solid reputation for recruiting demographically representative participants, even with the hard-to-reach populations. We will work with you to scope the required effort and then implement unique strategies for engaging a demographically diverse group of unaffiliated citizens to participate in your public forums. Additionally, our trained staff will help develop inclusionary plans that engage and meet the needs of participant with special needs including language translation.

Project Management

AmericaSpeaks is the leader in managing large public events that ensure effective citizen engagement and wise use of resources. Whether you are looking to conduct a multi-site, multi-year, or million person event, AmericaSpeaks provides complete management services that include strategy, staffing, communication, technology, administration, program implementation and follow-up.