Other Tools & Services

In partnership with AmericaSpeaks other services, our staff can assist you in the following areas to create a comprehensive and engaging program. With AmericaSpeaks you can achieve your goals by engaging people on the topics most important to your organization.

Keypad Polling

Capture and share participant feedback at your meeting in real time with handheld wireless keypads. AmericaSpeaks provides expertise in question design to ensure usefulness of polling results, experienced keypad operators and reliable equipment.

Leadership and Stakeholder Dialogues

Bring together key players to dialogue and deliberate about core issues and build support for your project. AmericaSpeaks will help you engage elected officials, business and non-profit leaders to uncover new possibilities for action and lay a foundation for implementation. We will also work with you to identify the people and organizations whose interests are affected by your project, and engage them in focused and productive conversations.

Lead Facilitation and Training

AmericaSpeaks expert meeting leaders facilitate meetings that are public and stakeholder focused, large and small scale, complex and targeted, multi-days or a few hours. With about 5,000 volunteer facilitators in our network and hundreds of hours of experience training and support small-group facilitators, we offer a support services for most facilitation needs.

Examples of Our Work

Engagement Strategy and Project Design

AmericaSpeaks can develop a public participation project that is appropriate for your political context, policy making process, and community’s needs. AmericaSpeaks has conducted over forty large scale projects; each one has been unique and different. Whether you are looking to engage thousands of people in a regional effort, or hundreds in a localized project, we will work extensively with you to identify the right tools, staffing, content and engagement approaches to reach your project goals – and then collaborate with you to deliver an effective project. Our commitment to you is to ensure high levels of participation, transparency, and informed participation.


AmericaSpeaks is an innovator in applying new technologies to public participation challenges. The 21st Century Town MeetingĀ® model features laptops and keypads, provided by our long-term technology partners who ensure a seamless integration into your meeting. No project is complete without an online presence and we offer unique tools to enhance your website with online learning, dialogue and deliberation to build on your project’s strengths.

Communications and Materials Development

Messages will drive the success of your project – getting the right message to the right people. AmericaSpeaks communications team will craft messages that capture the attention of the media to generate coverage and exposure for your public process. Our strategies also target the attention of participants, stakeholders, decision-makers and opinion leaders. Additionally, our team writes and designs neutral, accessible materials to inform a diverse group of participants.

Webcast Meetings

Live video broadcasts via the web, or webcasts, can connect multiple meeting sites, can connect a central meeting with individual users, or a combination of both approaches.Ā Participants of a webcast meeting can watch the live proceedings, dialogue in-person or online, give input to the discussion or take action on the issue.