Engaging Leaders & Stakeholders

AmericaSpeaks’ Stakeholder Summits help agency heads, non-profit leaders, and business executives come together to address complex issues that often cross jurisdictional boundaries. Leaders have opportunities to tap into the collective wisdom of their constituents and stakeholders to identify shared priorities and develop recommendations on essential policies and plans.

Using our methodology, you can engage large numbers of members, employees or stakeholders – 50 to 5,000 at a single meeting – in a strategic, outcomes-oriented discussion.

AmericaSpeaks works with you to tailor a meeting or session to your organization – focusing on the most critical questions and opportunities you face – using methods such as:

  • Small-group facilitated discussions
  • Capturing participant ideas using networked computers
  • Immediate synthesis of conversation themes
  • Individual voting to prioritize recommendations & solutions
  • Streamlined Q&A for participants to interact with leaders or expert panelists

The Mid Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean convened an AmericaSpeaks Stakeholder Summit to addressed the mid- Atlantic ecosystem. Non-profits, health care providers and parents of adults living with autism gathered in 16 sites all connected by webcast, to address the lack of services for this group of adults.

Annual Meetings and Conferences have often used AmericaSpeaks methods for plenary sessions or to address growing issues within the organization. The Council of Foundations use their plenary session to offer a rare opportunity for philanthropy’s leaders from across the world to discuss future goals and to take part in a focused discussion on the lasting impacts of greater collaboration. During the summer of 2008, 1500 attendees came together for the National Performing Arts Convention. They spent 3 days folding our interactive technology into a series of discussions that helped define and select the issues that could be pursued collectively to advance the performing arts community.

Virtual Tables

For those who can’t attend in person, virtual discussion tables are often a great addition. This process engages people from their home computer using webcasts, online chats, keypad polling and facilitated discussions with others via conference call. They are connected to the main site and their results are aggregated with data from the live sites.

For more information about Stakeholder Summits, request our services.