We The People

Public Life Foundation and community sponsors
Planning & Growth
Owensboro-Daviess County, KY
November 2007


About 650 residents of Owensboro-Daviess County, KY participated on November 11 in their largest-ever public meeting. We the People brought citizens together to discuss their region’s education, environment, health care, economic development and local government. The goal of the event was to identify the community’s priorities and help formulate a plan to achieve them.

Community leaders from each goal area responded at the end of the day to what they heard from participants and what was needed to move forward on these priorities. More than 300 attendees signed up to participate in action groups or learn more about each of the five topic areas.

A December 2007 meeting was held where 150 participants worked in groups to identify two things to do in the following 90 days to move each priority issue forward. As well, a couple weeks after the meeting, more than 20 leaders from the fields of government, education, social services and business gathered to discuss their next steps. A steering committee was formed, with two representatives from each of the topic areas, to oversee the development of an implementation plan.


Owensboro-Daviess County developed priorities in five areas of community life: jobs, environment, education, social services, and governance.  Citizen Working Groups contributed to progress in most of these areas.  Local leaders credit the town meeting for the major progress has been made in down town redevelopment.