“What Women Want” 2012 Town Meeting

National Policy
Cincinnati, OH
September 2012

On September 29th, nearly 150 women came together in Cincinnati, Ohio for the “What Women Want” 2012 Town Meeting. In one of the first women only meetings (including an all-female AmericaSpeaksteam), participants spent the day discussing issues of greatest concern to women, with the goal of creating a visible national platform for dialogue around the 2012 elections.

The female participants discussed issues ranging from the national debt to hate crimes legislation, as well as heard from pollsters who had recently conducted a national survey on women’s political views, entitled “What Women Want 2012: A YWCA USA National Survey”. Women represent over half of all voters and thus, it’s important for women to understand the issues that impact their families and communities.

Click here for the report of the day’s outcomes. Click here for the Participant Guide for the day.