Equal Voice for America’s Families Campaign

Marguerite Casey Foundation
National Policy
Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, and Birmingham, AL
September 2008

National Platform to Advance Family Issues and Build Stronger Communities

From across the country working families joined together for Equal Voice for America’s Families (EVAF), a multi-city convention to advance a collective message of change for our families. This extraordinary event was the culmination of a year long effort by the Marguerite Casey Foundation to bring the voices of low-income families to the table. Large scale town hall meetings were held simultaneously in Birmingham, Chicago and Los Angeles. AmericaSpeaks’ meeting methodology was used to actively engage all participants throughout the day long event. Participants developed action plans to build stronger families at the community, state, and national levels. The Marguerite Casey Foundation is a private, independent grant making foundation dedicated to helping families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities

EVAF laid the groundwork for a family led social change movement. The campaign’s long-term goal is a sustained shift in national attitudes and policies affecting poor and working families, including living-wage jobs, affordable housing, quality healthcare and education.

Participants traveled from almost every state in the United States to attend this unprecedented gathering of America’s often under represented families.
•    93% of attendees were from minority groups; and
•    80% of families made less than $75,000 a year.

Participants closed the day by releasing a National Family Platform, supported by 95% of participants. The platform calls on citizens, lawmakers and the next president of the United States to adopt a comprehensive approach to addressing the issues and challenges that families face. EVAF intends to build and continuing building support for a national family issues platform created to advance America’s families.


Participants created a National Family Platform that calls on citizens, lawmakers, and the President to adopt a comprehensive approach to addressing the issues and challenges that families face.