Spotlight On: David Mog

One of the most rewarding parts of an AmericaSpeaks town meeting is the opportunity to work with people who are truly passionate about the impact of AmericaSpeaks’ work. One of those people is David Mog, who after facilitating 10 meetings, is a regular sight at AmericaSpeaks meetings in the greater DC area.

David’s commitment to the work is fundamental. “It is in my nature to take fences down rather than build them and I have always been interested in those who are different than me.” It is this foundational belief in hearing others views and bringing people together that makes David such a successful facilitator.

His ability to remove fences was shaped by his 20 years as a teacher at Sidwell Friends, a Quaker School in DC. “What I learned at Sidwell is that taking the time to respectfully share points of view and find common ground is far superior to debating opposing positions and competing for votes. In my view, voting is like building a fence; it divides people into winners and losers. Working with AmericaSpeaks to seek agreement from a diverse group of citizens on how to move forward is like falling off a log.”

David got involved in AmericaSpeaks through a friendship with Carolyn Lukensmeyer, who he met in Ohio in the 1970’s. After retiring, David began to volunteer more time with the organization. “Being part of AmericaSpeaks has been important to my sense of well-being; it gives me hope that we can find a way forward in spite of our differences.”

David lives with his wife of 45 years in Arlington, where they raised their two sons. David is a world traveler, an avid bike rider, and on occasion, returns to the classroom to lend his expertise in physics. In addition, he is very politically active and greatly enjoys being retired in metro DC, where “the opportunities to learn and serve are limitless.”