Help the White House Design a New Online Platform for Input

By Joe Goldman, AmericaSpeaks

Last week, the White House Open Government Initiative and the General Services Administration, working closely with the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Performance and Personnel Management, asked for the public’s help in designing a new online platform through which the federal government can solicit feedback from experts on policy questions.

Check it out here.

According to Aneesh Chopra (U.S. Chief Technology Officer) and Shelley Metzenbaum (Associate Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget for Performance and Personnel Management):

“One vexing challenge to engaging Americans in governance has been finding new models and tools for the next generation of citizen consultation.  We want to take advantage of the latest technology to: 1) enable government officials to circulate notice of opportunities to participate in public consultations to members of the public with expertise on a topic; and 2) provide those citizen experts with a mechanism to provide useful, relevant, and manageable feedback to government officials.”

Until January 7, you can go online to a wikki and comment on the initial concept proposal.

Read more about the initiative in Aneesh and Shelley’s blog post at the Open Government blog.

This is a great opportunity for the federal government to take another step forward towards President Obama’s goal of a more open government.

I hope everyone takes this opportunity to contribute.

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