Engagement Services

AmericaSpeaks designs and manages all aspects of public and stakeholder engagement projects with the goal of giving citizens a meaningful voice in the decisions that shape their lives, while meeting the needs of our clients.

Our services fall into the following categories. Click the links to learn more.

Strategy & Management: Guided by our core principles, AmericaSpeaks works with clients to develop an engagement strategy and manage project implementation to meet their goals. Learn more

21st Century Town Meeting: The gold standard for engaging events, our 21st Century Town Meetings use democratic technologies and deliberative processes to empower participants to discover shared priorities on critical policies.  Learn more

Leadership Engagement: Bring leaders and stakeholders together for a focused, outcome-oriented discussion of the core strategic challenges and opportunities faced by your organization or organization. Learn more

Online Tools: Innovative technologies can allow you to gather input from a larger audience at a lower cost. AmericaSpeaks applies its participatory values to ensure new online tools provide productive experiences and lead to meaningful input.  Learn more

Virtual Events: Invite the public to become part of a movement, engage in meaningful discussion, and have an impact, all without leaving their homes or communities. Learn more

Additional Services: AmericaSpeaks also provides trainings, public speakers and lead facilitators for events, manages keypad polling, creates informational materials for broad-based deliberation, and leverages a large and talented facilitator network. Learn more

Our work in each of these areas can be customized to meet your needs. For more information, please request our services.