Additional Services

Speaker’s Bureau

Our team members are available to speak on a variety of topics concerning the role of citizens in public decision-making, both in the United States and around the world. Our speakers offer a unique, dynamic combination of insights drawn from experience and thoughts about new ideas developed through our knowledge-building activities. In recent months, AmericaSpeaks program directors, researchers and strategists have led sessions on the following topics:

  • The state of our democracy and strategies for renewal
  • Citizen engagement through public deliberation
  • Proven strategies for engaging public officials and policymakers
  • Online consultation and other new tools for public involvement
  • Innovations to the traditional “town hall meeting” and other public meetings
  • Future directions of governance

Steve Brigham

As President, Steve Brigham has led all aspects of AmericaSpeaks’ work, from internal operations to project delivery. In addition to the insights he brings from playing an active role in over 20 of AmericaSpeaks‘ projects, Steve offers thoughtful connections between the state of stakeholder engagement, organizational development and strategic growth. Full biography.

Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark has over 12 years of experience in community engagement, urban planning, and local government.  He understands the opportunities and challenges that governments and other organizations must deal with as they engage the public and build collaboration among stakeholders.  He has managed hundreds of community engagement projects and meetings and can speak about many aspects of this work, including outreach to diverse audiences, designing effective public meetings, linking to decision making, successful use of keypad polling and other interactive technologies. Full biography.

To arrange for an AmericaSpeaks presenter to participate in your conference or meeting, please email your request to

Keypad Polling

Capture and share participant feedback at your meeting in real time with handheld wireless keypads. AmericaSpeaks provides state of the art, easy-to-use rental keypads and software, keypad operation services, and expertise in question design to ensure usefulness of polling results.

Lead Facilitation and Training

AmericaSpeaks expert meeting leaders facilitate meetings that are public and stakeholder focused, large and small scale, complex and targeted, multi-days or a few hours. With about 5,000 volunteer facilitators in our network and hundreds of hours of experience training and support small-group facilitators, we offer  support services for most facilitation needs.

Training and Capacity Building

A comprehensive engagement strategy can transform your participants into stakeholders with sustained involvement in your project. AmericaSpeaks will help you increase your community’s awareness and understanding of the issues at hand with in-person and online learning opportunities. We will also work with you to encourage and support the ongoing citizen participation that results from your projects.

Discussion Guides

Discussion materials are at the core of nearly all of our projects. We craft neutral, accessible materials to inform a diverse group of participants. We produce material that offers participants a clear understanding of complex issues by including compelling information graphics, identifying the most critical data and removing non-essential information, and embedding a well structured sequence of questions to produce meaningful conversation, See some examples of our discussion guides here and here.


Webcast Services

Live video broadcasts via the web, or webcasts, can connect multiple meeting sites, can connect a central meeting with individual users, or a combination of both approaches. Participants of a webcast meeting can watch the live proceedings, dialogue in-person or online, give input to the discussion or take action on the issue.