AmericaSpeaks has a growing collection of videos.  Please take a moment to watch a couple of them.

AmericaSpeaks‘ Introduction (3 minutes)


AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, Our Economy (12 minutes)

CaliforniaSpeaks | Working Together for Better Health Care (9 minutes)


Unified New Orleans Plan Community Congress II Highlights (7 minutes)

Associates Network on AmericaSpeaks (10 minutes)

Full length AmericaSpeaks Introduction (8 minutes)

Video Op-Ed of AmericaSpeaks President and Founder Carolyn Lukensmeyer

Amplifying the Public Voice from Jeffrey Abelson on Vimeo.

(Click play, then move your cursor off the video frame.)

This video is provided courtesy of documentary filmaker Jeffrey Abelson.
It is part of Song Of A Citizen – an innovative series of Video Op-Eds exploring what it really means to be an engaged and effective citizen in modern times.

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