The State of the USA Key Indicators Project

The State of the USA
Stakeholder Summit
Washington, DC
June 2008


The State of the USA, Inc. (SUSA), is a new nonprofit institution, that is assembling a set of key national indicators, with advice from the National Academies, to measure specific conditions and trends in this country (e.g., changes in poverty rates, air and water quality, high-school completion rates and the trade deficit or surplus). SUSA will offer a website – as a public service – where every American can get the best available facts drawn from the country’s most respected statistical sources. The site will be easy to use and continually updated so that people can quickly find and share credible, relevant data.

SUSA partnered with AmericaSpeaks, to convene a series of five 21stCentury Town Meetings® for different sectors of the policy making community. During the working sessions participants had an opportunity to learn about SUSA, and to provide input about the creation of a system of key national measures and how SUSA can operate with the highest level of value and credibility.

Two sessions have been held in 2008. The first took place in June, participants were scholars and experts from policy analysis organizations. The second session, held in September, was for leaders from foundations, non-profits and service organizations. Participants at both four-hour working sessions took part in facilitated, small-group discussions and used keypad polling and groupware computers to identify and review the collective priorities that emerged throughout the meeting.

Participant input from all the sessions combined with data from respected statistical sources will help SUSA track progress on many issues at different levels. Without articulating national goals, SUSA will provide reliable and usable facts to fuel a more focused public debate. Their goal is to unite nonprofits, the media, policy makers, data providers, business leaders, scientists, educators, and citizens around a single goal: to deepen our factual knowledge and understanding of the country’s most pressing issues. SUSA’s next 21st Century Town Meetings® will be for leaders from business, consumer and labor organizations.


SUSA has launched their website – as a public service – where every American, for free, can get the best available facts drawn from the country’s most respected statistical sources. Their goal is to inform the public on the most important issues of the day, including health care, the economy, education, the environment, energy, safety and security, housing, families and children, civic and cultural life and infrastructure.