Pittsburgh Nonprofit Summit

Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania
Stakeholder Summit
Pittsburgh, PA
March 2006

Regional Approach to Non-Profit Action

On March 7, 2006, over 900 people gathered in Pittsburgh at the Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania’s 2006 Nonprofit Summit to provide the region’s nonprofit sector with two essential tools: a strong link to the civic affairs agenda and a roadmap showing new pathways that will better connect Southwestern Pennsylvania nonprofit and civic leaders with each other.

The Summit utilized AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Town Meeting® process. Participants at the 2006 Nonprofit Summit were drawn from several sectors (nonprofits, foundations and government) and service areas including human services, education, arts and culture, and health. Throughout the day participants identified and voted on priorities, collective strategies, alignment with other sectors’ agendas, and specific actions to take – all in the service of advancing the region’s next renaissance.

The overwhelming theme that emerged from the day was to “work collectively and think regionally.” The Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania believe the results of this historic 21st Century Town Meeting will be used to frame the direction of the region’s nonprofit sector for years to come. Subsequently, the 2007 Nonprofit Summit followed up on the 2006 Summit, focusing on action derived from the 2006 vision for collective community action.


Western Pennsylvania nonprofit leaders agreed on action steps to sustain connectivity and enable community action.  Their early vision was one of the factors that lead to Power of 32 Regional Visioning Process in 2010.