National Conference on Citizenship Citizens’ Forum

National Conference on Citizenship
Stakeholder Summit
Washington, DC
September 2005

Strengthening Citizenship on All Levels

AmericaSpeaks managed and facilitated a 250-person Citizens’ Forum during the National Conference on Citizenship’s (NCoC) 2005 Annual meeting in Washington, DC. The NCoC, a congressionally chartered non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening citizenship, partnered with AmericaSpeaks to have conference participants determine the most effective strategies for strengthening citizenship at the local, state and national levels. Participants also had the opportunity to identify specific actions that NCoC could take to reach these goals.  Finally, the group was asked to suggest indicators that could be used to measure progress in achieving the suggested goals, and for measuring civic engagement in general.

The feedback gathered during the Forum will be used by the NCoC in planning its future activities.