Lancaster 2020 – Shaping Our Future

Lancaster County Community Foundation, The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry & The United Way of Lancaster County
Planning & Growth, Stakeholder Summit
Lancaster, PA
November 2008


Lancaster County community leaders spent a full day collaborating on collective visions for the future of their community. Participants developed priorities and identified action steps for achieving a brighter future. Lancaster 2020 was an AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Town Meeting® hosted by the Lancaster County Community Foundations, the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the United Way of Lancaster County.

This was the first leadership summit of its kind to be held in Lancaster County. A diverse audience gathered to represent most County communities and organizations. Each participant was a leader in his or her respective field, ranging from CEO to Board Chair to Little League coach. The meeting’s agenda focused primarily on four areas:  (1) Well Being of People, (2) Connections & Collaboration, (3) Economic Engine, and (4) Physical Environment. Participants worked together in small groups to deliberate on strategic opportunities and vote on the priorities that will set the direction of the county for years to come.

Vision for a 21st Century Lancaster County

Lancaster values integrity, equality, and freedom. All citizens are appreciated and nurtured. Diversity and change is respected and embraced. Our cultural heritage and traditions are preserved. Inclusion, innovation, and collaboration are the norm.

Seventy-nine percent of participants felt the statement described their vision of Lancaster County in 2020.

Commitment to Action

The sponsors of Lancaster 2020 committed to continue as a steering committee to spearhead implementation and build on existing initiatives in the community. At the end of the meeting participants committed their organizations and themselves to achieving the day’s priority opportunities. The steering committee has maintained communication with participants through newsletters and emails and will host follow up meetings.


County leaders have stepped up with renewed enthusiasm, tackling key areas for the future of Lancaster County. The event’s sponsors formed a partnership and continue to host follow-up meetings aimed at implementation and have maintained regular communication with participants.