2010 Build Nebraska Housing Summit

Nebraska Housing Developers Association
Planning & Growth, Stakeholder Summit
Kearney, Nebraska
August 2010

More than 75 housing and economic development experts and advocates from across Nebraska spent a full day deliberating on housing needs and policies for the state at the Build Nebraska Housing Summit, convened by the Nebraska Housing Developers Association.  Participants worked together in small groups developing ideas, then using keypad polling and groupware computers, identified room-wide themes and collective priorities.

The objectives of the summit were:

  • To build connections with others working to address housing needs
  • Identify housing needs priorities for the allocation and use of resources
  • To review and build on policy priorities identified at the 2009 Housing Summit
  • To develop next steps and strategies to influence policy priorities.

Participants had an opportunity to reflect on the 2009 vision for the Nebraska housing community, update their goals and form relationships.  During the day long meeting participants identified changes that needed to be made to meet citizens housing needs and together the different sectors of the housing community identified ways and strategies to better work together to reach their goals for 2010.

At the end of the day stakeholders discussed sustaining the momentum and building lasting relationships. Participants ended the day satisfied, an overwhelming majority of participants were both happy with the quality of the meeting and optimistic that by working together, a positive difference can be made in housing policy in Nebraska.