Power and Promise of Philanthropy

Power and Promise of Philanthropy
National Policy, Stakeholder Summit
National Harbor, MD
May 2008


Representatives of the philanthropic sectors from across the United States and around the world participated in the Power and Promise of Philanthropy, a 21st Century Summit® hosted by AmericaSpeaks. The Summit was the kick off event for the annual conference of the Council on Foundations, a Washington, DC, based non-profit membership association of more than 2,100 grant making foundations and corporations. Power and Promise of Philanthropy offered a rare opportunity for philanthropy’s leaders from across the world to discuss future goals and to take part in a focused discussion on the lasting impacts of greater collaboration.

Participants worked together to identify (1) What as a sector can be done to have an greater impact on society, collectively and in the future and (2) to explore how the next U.S. President should work with philanthropic organizations. Participants developed a message to send to the next President of the United States on how the strength, capacity and leadership of this sector can be used to solve a wide range of problems. Additionally a set of priorities was created that philanthropists can use to advance their organization’s agendas.

Power and Promise of Philanthropy created an environment for stakeholders to grow and thrive through shared knowledge and commitment. The participatory elements of AmericaSpeaks’ 21stCentury Summit® enabled participants to develop key messages that will assist in creating strategic partnerships across sectors and eventually lead to a more profound impact from philanthropists on society and policy.


Participants developed key messages to assist in creating strategic partnerships across sectors and prompt a more profound philanthropic impact on society and policy.