Common Ground Summit to Fix the Debt

Campaign to Fix the Debt
National Policy, Stakeholder Summit
Washington, DC
February 2013
Approximately 100

In February 2013, the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a national bipartisan effort to encourage elected leaders to enact a comprehensive debt deal, convened a Common Ground Summit, hosting 100 stakeholders from across the political and policy spectrum to find shared agreement on ways to address the national debt.

Participants provided input on: the ramifications of addressing – and not addressing – the national debt in a comprehensive manner in 2013; the major obstacles to reaching bipartisan consensus on how to address the debt; and the principles that should guide the development of a long-term debt reduction plan.

At the end of the meeting a number of theme statements were tested to determine a ‘super-majority’ support. Those receiving super majority support (2/3 or more) became the basis for a Common Ground priorities document that the vast majority of participating organizations signed on to. A subset of the participating organizations joined an Advisory Board to design a plan of action for the year to come.