World Economic Forum: Global Town Hall

World Economic Forum
International, Stakeholder Summit
Davos, Switzerland
January 2005

Nations United for Global Causes

On the opening day of the 2005 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 700 world leaders sat down together to figure out how to prioritize and address some of the toughest issues facing the global community.  AmericaSpeaks’ international arm, Global Voices, led a Town Hall Meeting that helped these leaders narrow the list to six priorities for the coming year.  Using a combination of laptop computers and individual keypads, small groups discussed the issues and then each participant voted his or her preferences.

Among the 12 issues originally on the table, the ones the assembly considered most urgent were: poverty, equitable globalization, climate change, education, the Middle East, and global governance. Over the following three days, World Economic Forum participants produced recommendations for action in all six areas.  At the closing plenary they determined, by vote, which action steps would be the highest priority.


700 world leaders produced and prioritized recommendations for action to address poverty, globalization, climate change, education, conflict in the Middle East, and global governance.