Port Phillip Speaks

City of Port Phillip

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Topic Planning and Growth
Date April 2007
Location Port Phillip, Australia
Participants 750

Renewing a Ten-Year Community Plan

The purpose of Port Phillip Speaks was to develop community priorities for the 2007 Port Phillip Community Plan.  In 1997, following the amalgamation of the cities of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St. Kilda, the City of Port Phillip worked with the community to develop a 10-year plan.  City staff, elected officials and a Community Steering Group felt a large town meeting was the best way to update the 1997 Community Plan.  Participants from all walks of life and represented the diversity of the Port Phillip community.

Over the course of the day-long meeting, citizens reviewed and updated the vision statement that had been created for Port Phillip ten years ago. They set priorities for the community within these topic areas: service provision, climate change and environment, parking, building community, urban planning, entertainment and residential amenity,and public open space.

Finally, they made personal commitments and identified projects that could be taken on by neighbourhood groups to progress community priorities.  Neighbourhood meetings began two weeks after the summit.

The 2007-2017 Community Plan was written based on the results of the Summit.