Clinton Global Initiative

The William J. Clinton Foundation
International, Stakeholder Summit
September 2005, September 2006, September 2007, September 2008

Global Collaboration

Every year since 2005, Former President Bill Clinton  hosts numerous heads of state and thousands of religious, business and nonprofit leaders for a three-day conference aimed at identifying solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.  In each track expert panelists present a picture of the global issue and the participants discuss the issue and develop possible projects to address the issue.   At the conference millions of dollars are committed to projects to help the globe in difficult areas such as, education, climate change, religious conflict, poverty, and education.

Since the start of the effort, AmericaSpeaks has worked with the Clinton Global Initiative team to support interactive discussion amongst members and and provide facilitation for the four concurrent workshop tracks. AmericaSpeaks provided trained facilitators to lead the table discussions, and our 21st Century Town Meeting technology allowed for immediate collation of the collective wisdom of the participants.

2005- Clinton Global Initiative (800 members)
2006- Clinton Global Initiative (1,000 members)
2007- Clinton Global Initiative (1,000 members)
2008- Clinton Global Initiative (1,000 members)


Four years of Clinton Global Initiative meetings (2005-2009) using AmericaSpeaks’ deliberation model allowed global leaders to have critical conversations about innovative solutions to chronic global problems. These meetings have resulted in national and international companies and organizations dedicating billions of dollars to address these pressing issues.