The 2010 Imperative: A Global Emergency Teach-In

Architecture 2030
Environment, International
New York, NY and 47 different countries
February 2007

Adopting Ecological Literacy in Design Education

Architecture 2030 is a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to transform the US and global Building Sector from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the global-warming crisis. In early 2007, Architecture 2030 and AmericaSpeaks partnered to conduct the 2010 Imperative: A Global Emergency Teach-in webcast.  Close to a quarter million people in 47 different countries participated from classrooms around the world, watching three presentations, engaging in questions and answers with the speakers and holding local discussions on the issue.

During this interactive webcast, two strategies were issued to transform the built environment – the 2030 Challenge and the 2010 Imperative. Specifically, these strategies are designed to immediately stabilize carbon emissions in the Building Sector, and then reverse them to more conservative levels over the next ten years.

Following the Teach-in participating institutions, organizations and individuals had the opportunity to become a part of the solution by adopting the 2030 Challenge or the 2010 Imperative.  The 2010 Imperative was AmericaSpeaks‘ largest webcast to date reaching out to close to a quarter million people.


Organizations and participants agreed to adopt measures to reduce carbon emissions in the Building Sector.