Economic Benefit of Local Climate Action

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustanability
Environment, National Policy
Fayetteville, AR
July 2007

Elected Officials Tackle Climate Change

Local government staff and elected officials from across the country gathered for a workshop to showcase and exchange ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make their cities more sustainable.  ”Saving Energy and Saving Money: The Economic Benefits of Local Climate Action,” was sponsored jointly by ICLEI – USA and the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and featured sessions facilitated using AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Town Meeting® process.

The participatory elements of the 21st Century Town Meeting enabled workshop participants to share their efforts to enact local climate protection policies with each other and allowed the group to provide input on how federal policies can best support local climate protection efforts. Additional breakout sessions during the workshop provided in-depth training for city staff and enabled local elected officials to share lessons learned with each other.  ICLEI will use the participant feedback from the workshop to develop its future programs and to determine the role it should play in the national climate debate.


Policymakers from around the country joined to share ideas on local climate protection.