One New Orleans City Wide Planning Day

City of New Orleans Office of Recovery Management
Disaster Recovery, Stakeholder Summit
New Orleans, LA
March 2007

The One New Orleans City Wide Planning Day brought together almost seven hundred New Orleans city employees for a first-ever employee town meeting. AmericaSpeaks partnered with the City of New Orleans’ Office of Recovery Management to hold this 21st Century Town Meeting® to roll out the One New Orleans rebuilding plan and lead employees in a discussion of their role in implementing recovery efforts.

This meeting was an opportunity for city employees to celebrate their successes, recognize their own struggles and heroism, learn about the One New Orleans plan, reflect on how they can help implement the plan, and discuss emergency preparedness for the future. During the half day meeting, participants focused on department specific issues, took part in a neighborhood recovery exercise in which they had to make tough choices about recovery options given limited resources, and discussed what they will need to do as city employees – working together inside and across departments and agencies – to make recovery happen.

The Office of Recovery Management will review the information city employees provided during One New Orleans City Wide Planning Day and will work with City department heads to adjust recovery plans according to employee input gathered during the meeting.


The Office of Recovery Management received valuable input from city employees regarding the best ways to respond in an emergency situation.