Colorado 100 Leadership Summit

Big Horn Center for Public Policy
Budgeting, Stakeholder Summit
Denver, CO
July 2003

Recovering Colorado’s Economy

More than 100 leaders from throughout Colorado gathered to discuss ways to mitigate the impacts on Colorado’s state and local government budgets caused by the interaction of a severe recession with several constitutional provisions related to the state’s finances. AmericaSpeaks worked with policy experts at Big Horn to organize a meeting about the complex interrelated constitutional amendments and conducted the one-day meeting using 21st Century Summit model.

A Call For Fiscal Reform

Participants represented all parts of Colorado, a variety of political parties and a broad range of professional disciplines. Despite the diversity of the group, an interesting consensus emerged regarding possible ways to resolve the State’s constitutional challenges. Participants agreed that Colorado’s constitution presents some real and pressing challenges to state and local governments struggling to finance basic services in a slumping economy.

Following the forum, the Big Horn Center for Public Policy opened up the discussion to Colorado leaders across the state with a series of similar forums to strengthen the consensus for reform.

Economic Recovery Act Approved

In fall of 2005 the voters approved the Colorado Economic Recovery Act, a bipartisan agreement between the legislature and Governor Owens. The Act begins to address the serious budget issues facing the state and better ensure the state’s fiscal health.


The leadership gathering in 2003 enabled new ideas to emerge to break the gridlock¬†¬† In fall of 2005, voters approved the Colorado Economic Recovery Act to address the state’s serious budget issues and help ensure the state’s fiscal health, based on the coalition building conversations of Colorado 100 and subsequent local activities.