Case Studies

Our case studies offer a behind-the-scenes look at the planning, implementation and outcomes of a selection of AmericaSpeaks projects. Learn details about participant outreach and content development. Uncover the production of these multilayered processes and the strategies for sharing results with decision-makers. Read about the impact of citizen voices being integrated into policy development.

Americans Discuss Social Security

Engaging 45,000 Americans in a national dialogue on Social Security

Washington, DC Citizen Summit

Creating a citizen-led municipal budget and strategic plan for DC

Listening to the City

Redeveloping Lower Manhattan after the September 11 terrorist attacks

Voices & Choices

Citizens guiding the development of Northeast Ohio’s long-term regional plan

Unified New Orleans Plan

Rebuilding New Orleans through the vision of current and displaced citizens


Raising the voices of 3,500 Californians on health care reform

We the People

County-wide citizen participation project addressed long-lasting civic challenges

National Performing Arts Convention

21st Century Summit methodology transformed a traditional meeting into a democratic process that produced sustainable outcomes

Advancing the Futures of Adults with Autism

More than 1,000 people in 16 cities came together to set an agenda for addressing the service needs for adults with autism.