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More than 5,000 skilled facilitators are a part of AmericaSpeaks‘ national and international network of professional and dedicated volunteers who serve at 21st Century Town Meetings®. Meet one of these talented and committed people in our network:

Spotlight On: David Mog


One of the most rewarding parts of an AmericaSpeaks town meeting is the opportunity to work with people who are truly passionate about the impact of AmericaSpeaks’ work. One of those people is David Mog, who after facilitating 10 meetings, is a regular sight at AmericaSpeaks meetings in the greater DC area.

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Spotlight On: Jim Richardson


While many AmericaSpeaks facilitators have worked on numerous projects, not very many have worked at different levels of a single project. Jim Richardson is one of those few.

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Spotlight On: Lisa Locke


Lisa Locke has seen nearly all aspects of the AmericaSpeaks town meeting process. She has served as a table facilitator, design team member, and meeting facilitator. Since first learning about AmericaSpeaks as a graduate student in Organizational Change Management at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City, Lisa has been an advocate for the AmericaSpeaks methodology and its ability to create structure for hard conversations.

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Spotlight On: Donzell Robinson


For Donzell Robinson, a four-time AmericaSpeaks facilitator, fostering civil dialogue is more than a hobby; it is a part of his everyday work as the Treasurer of the Association for Conflict Resolution and a Co-Executive at the Key Bridge Foundation. It was through a session at the Association for Conflict Resolution that Donzell found out about AmericaSpeaks work and he has been involved ever since.

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Spotlight On: Robin Juni


As the Assistant Dean of Students at The George Washington University and an experienced environmental lawyer, it is no surprise that Robin Juni has sharp negotiation skills. But, it is her facilitation skills that make her so special to AmericaSpeaks. Robin has facilitated six times since the start of 2011 and hopefully will continue to volunteer her time in the future.

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Spotlight On: Stephanie Stepp


Stephanie Stepp wears many hats. Not only is she an AmericaSpeaks facilitator, but she is also a radio talk show host, a teacher, a spokesperson, a mediator, a workshop presenter, and a producer. While it may not seem like all of these roles are connected, Stephanie has found a way to give individuals a voice through all parts of her work.

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Spotlight On: Pamela and Brian Donison


While AmericaSpeaks is grateful for the time and energy of all of its facilitators, we can’t help but notice when a married couple takes the time to facilitate together. Such is the case with Pamela and Brian Donison of Phoenix, Arizona. Pamela, an integrative attorney and mediator, began her work with AmericaSpeaks at the post-Katrina Unified New Orleans Plan Community Congresses.

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Spotlight On: Martin Harris


Facilitator Martin Harris is not one of those people who just lets life happen to him. He is actively engaged with his community, his faith, his work, and thankfully for us, AmericaSpeaks. Martin has served as table facilitator at seven different projects, spanning three states. A resident of Round Rock, Texas, just outside Austin, Martin got involved with AmericaSpeaks after interacting with Katrina evacuees in the Austin Civic Center. “After seeing how utterly devastated many of the residents were, I was searching for a way to plug-in and directly help in the rebuilding effort,” says Martin. The Unified New Orleans Plan Community Congress gave Martin a way to be involved, he recalls “knowing in a small way I was participating in restoring hope.”

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Spotlight on: Thomas Byrd


“I feel obligated as a citizen to lend my talents,” says AmericaSpeaks facilitator Thomas Byrd. “I possess a heart of service that leads me to engage in educating, advocating, and organizing for the betterment of the local citizenry. For me, there is nothing more gratifying than helping the masses find their voice and then act upon it.”

A native of Washington, DC, Thomas Byrd has been facilitating with AmericaSpeaks since 2009. He has volunteered as a facilitator at more than five civic engagement initiatives in and around DC, many of which entailed multiple meeting sessions. “Being informed and placing myself in positions to inform others while fostering public dialog is vital to my service,” says Thomas.

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Spotlight on: Susan Yeres


“I care deeply about creating a more informed and engaged citizenry,” says facilitator Susan Yeres. “I want to be part of a process that provides the place and the space (an open and inviting climate of involvement) to bring people together in communities to foster dialogue about issues that are important to them.”

A member of the AmericaSpeaks facilitator network since 2008, Susan has now facilitated at three AmericaSpeaks events and participated in one. She reports that she is “continually amazed to hear and watch people explore their perspectives and opinions in ways that we rarely see in our communities.”

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