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Facilitator Skills and Qualities

More than 5,000 skilled facilitators are a part of AmericaSpeaks‘ national and international network of professional and dedicated volunteers who serve at 21st Century Town Meetings®.

Table facilitators support small group discussions among diverse citizens and ensure all voices of participants are heard. Skills and qualities held by facilitators in the network include:

  • Significant experience facilitating small-group face-to-face deliberation, building toward shared agreement while holding respectful space for difference
  • Ability to focus on one’s own small group while maintaining overarching responsibility to the total assembled group
  • Deep listening skills; able to hear both unique individual voices and also emergent common themes
  • Comfort with diversity and emotion on many dimensions
  • Awareness of one’s own thoughts, opinions and feelings with the ability transcend them to stay in a facilitation role despite any personal stake in the outcome of the conversation

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