Reports & Convenings

Federal Managers, Thought Leaders and Advocates Weigh-In on Open Government

Sea of participants at tables AmericaSpeaks has worked with its partners at Demos, Everyday Democracy and Harvard’s Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation to make our federal government more open and participatory.

Senior Agency Leaders Give Feedback on Open Government Directive

Nineteen senior leaders from 13 federal agencies and departments came together on May 12, 2009, at the headquarters of the Transportation Security Administration to offer ideas on the Open Government Directive. During the three-hour discussion, participants shared their hopes and concerns for the directive, discussed the most important things that the directive should accomplish, and what will be needed for successful implementation.

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Federal Managers and Staff Develop Recommendations for Open Government

Federal managers and staff from 23 different agencies and offices across the federal government recommended that the President’s Open Government Directive create a new government-wide structure that will transform how the government involves the American people in key decision making in a report, called Champions of Participation.

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Reformers Develop Strengthening Democracy Agenda

Developed by leading advocates, scholars, and activists in the democracy reform movement, the Agenda to Strengthen Our Nation’s Democracy calls for a White House Office of Civic Engagement, regular national discussions, and a unique set of policy reforms to increase participation in public life.

Join hundreds of organizations and individuals that have already endorsed the Agenda to Strengthen Our Nation’s Democracy. Endorse the Agenda.

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