Open Government

Sea of participants at tables On his first full day in office, President Barack Obama declared that the Federal government would become more transparent, participatory and collaborative. Since that day, the Office of Management and Budget has issued an Open Government Directive to describe actions that federal agencies should take to fulfill the President’s commitment and every federal agency has created an Open Government Plan.

AmericaSpeaks has worked with its partners in the participation and transparency communities to support federal agencies in becoming more participatory. We have done so by working closely with the White House, the Open Government Initiative, and leaders and managers within federal agencies. Additionally, we have produced a number of tools, resources and trainings to aid federal agencies as they work to become more participatory.

Shaping the Open Government Directive and Open Government Plans

AmericaSpeaks convened dozens of federal managers and agency leaders to discuss the Open Government Directive and develop recommendations for the policies and programs that should be put in place to make the federal government more participatory. Our two Champions of Participation conferences in 2009 provided the White House with a detailed blue print about the types of incentives, structures, and resources that would be essential for the Open Government Directive to be successful. Read more about what emerged from these conferences.

Additionally, we worked with partners across the transparency and participation communities to involve others in shaping the Open Government Directive through a series of dialogues organized by the White House on the directive. We also worked with our partners to assess and evaluate the Open Government Dialogues.

Finally, AmericaSpeaks and our partners at Ascentum designed and ran a training for every federal agency in moderating online dialogues prior to the launch of online dialogues by every agency to gain feedback on their Open Government Plans.

Resources for Federal Agencies

AmericaSpeaks has also developed a series of resources for federal managers to help their agencies to become more participatory. Our Manager’s Guide to Citizen Deliberation was published by the IBM Center for the Business of Government. Other resources include: