Best Practices

Best Practices in Citizen Engagement

AmericaSpeaks has also sought to identify and demonstrate best practices in citizen engagement. Look at case studies or videos of our work or read some of the publications that we have written or been involved with below.

A Manager’s Guide to Citizen Deliberation. by Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer and Lars Hasselblad Torres. IBM’s Center for the Business of Government released a practical guide for federal managers written by AmericaSpeaks. The aim of the guide is help shape public involvement practices and deepen understanding of public deliberation at the federal level.

Eight Principles of Public Outreach. By Joe Goldman and Joe Peters.

Introducing Government Agencies to Web 2.0. What do agencies need to know about social media? By Joe Goldman and Joe Peters.

Leveraging Philanthropy to Make Citizen Engagement Count. By Carolyn Lukensmeyer and Steve Brigham.

Open Government Recommendations from Federal Managers. Federal managers from more than 20 federal agencies came together in 2009 to develop recommendations for Open Government.

Open Policy Making 101. 10 questions to ask before launching your online public consultation. By Joe Goldman and Joe Peters.

Teleparticipation: Engaging Millions. by Richard Wilson and Alice Casey from Involve.