Diverse Participation

AmericaSpeaks is committed to ensuring that the diversity of our communities and our nation are reflected in the forums that we organize. Over the past fifteen years, we have experimented with many different strategies and tactics for recruiting representative groups of participants. While we have organized several outreach processes that have used random-samples to ensure diverse participation, most of our forums used targeted outreach. We begin with the Census demographics of a given community and then design outreach strategies to ensure that targets based on those demographics are met.

Learn more about the eight principles of outreach that guide our recruitment efforts by downloading our brief strategy paper:

1.    Relate to people’s lives by crafting your message carefully.
2.    Use active outreach strategies that are engaging and interactive.
3.    Enlist trusted spokespeople and ambassadors.
4.    Touch people multiple times through multiple mediums.
5.    Communicate why participation matters.
6.    Track who is coming and adjust your strategy as needed.
7.    Assume that half of the people who intend to participate will not show up.
8.    Take your outreach to social media – especially social networks.

We are always working to develop new and better strategies to ensure diverse participation. Read this article by a member of AmericaSpeaks Associates network to learn about our approach to ensuring diverse participation from a harder-to-reach demographic.