Democracy Lab

Innovating, Researching, Convening to Strengthen Democracy.

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We research the innovative practices that advance the field of citizen engagement.

The Democracy Lab for Innovation and Research is AmericaSpeaks’ think tank on deliberative democracy and citizen engagement.

Through innovation and experimentation, the Democracy Lab develops and promotes new ways to advance sustainable citizen engagement in the public policy process. The Democracy Lab’s primary objectives are:

1. New Governance Mechanisms: Improve democratic processes and institutions by creating new governance mechanisms that can convene diverse groups of Americans on key policy questions and incorporate citizen voices into policy making.

2. Develop New Innovations: Enhance and improve AmericaSpeaks’ approach to citizen engagement, such as developing new models for sustaining citizen participation and turning initial participation in deliberation into long-term citizen engagement and action.

3. Evaluate Our Impact: Evaluate the impact of AmericaSpeaks’ citizen engagement initiatives on individuals, policies and institutions.

4. Strengthen Deliberative Democracy, Open Government, and the Broader Democracy Reform Movement: Promote deliberative democracy, open government and the broader democracy reform movement by fostering collaboration among reformers, researchers, public officials and other advocates of reform, and disseminating new research and conceptual frameworks.

Democracy Lab Programs

Learn more about the programs and activities of the Democracy Lab to accomplishes these objectives through:

  • Research and Evaluation: Read some of the studies and research reports that we have produced.
  • Innovations: Read about some of the different innovations that we have developed to improve the practice of public deliberation and citizen engagement.
  • Convenings: Read about some of the most important convenings that we have facilitated among thought leaders, practitioners, reformers and public officials to support greater collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Notable Programs

Four notable areas of innovation and research that AmericaSpeaks is working on include: