A Neutral Non-Partisan Convenor

AmericaSpeaks takes pride in its reputation as an honest and neutral advocate for public participation. We play a unique role in the policymaking process by serving as a non-partisan convenor of forums that provide the public with an opportunity to make decisions about important issues without fear of manipulation or bias. Our ability to help citizens and elected officials come together around tough public issues depends on our commitment to maintaining this neutral role.

We have held dozens of town meetings that have been attended and supported by a range of Republican, Democrat and Independent office holders from Mayors and Governors to Congressional Representatives and Senators, to a U.S. President and many world leaders.

On our staff, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors, you will find individuals who have held elected office and those who have been appointed to government positions – representing both Republicans and Democrats and those with no strong party affiliations.

AmericaSpeaks does not take positions on policy issues. AmericaSpeaks strives to ensure that only balanced and neutral facts are used to inform discussions on policy issues. We stand by these basic principles that protect the integrity of our process and the faith that participants and decision-makers place in our work.