Fast Facts

Check out some interesting facts about AmericaSpeaks‘ work

• Since 1995, AmericaSpeaks has engaged more than 165,000 people in participatory meetings.

• AmericaSpeaks engages citizens and stakeholders in both large and small interactive meetings. Our smallest 21st Century Summit involved 22 participants, while our largest 21st Century Town Meeting® engaged 45,000.

Equal Voices for America’s Families, the largest meeting that AmericaSpeaks has supported, required 1,000 laptops and 12,000 keypads.

• AmericaSpeaks is politically neutral and does not take positions on policy issues.

• We have organized meetings in all 50 states.

• AmericaSpeaks has held engagement meetings on topics as diverse as fiscal budget policy, disaster recovery, education, adults with autism, childhood obesity and health care.

• In 1997, AmericaSpeaks developed the 21st Century Town Meeting®, a dynamic forum that combines small group, face-to-face dialogue with technology to engage citizens in discussions on planning, resource allocation, and policy formulation.

• We have linked together 19 sites and 3,500 people by satellite and webcast for a single-day national conversation on Our Budget, and Our Economy.

• Our largest project was also our first project, 45,000 people were involved in Americans Discuss Social Security.

• Forbes Magazine called AmericaSpeaks’ 21st Century Summit “a curiously effective technique of using technology to tap the collective thoughts of a large group.

Global Voices is AmericaSpeaks’ international branch and has worked in 10 countries.

• Global Voices has done three separate projects in Australia, a meeting in Belgium that involved participants from 9 different European countries and a Town Meeting in South Korea with over 700 youth participants representing more than 100 countries around the globe.

• AmericaSpeaks has partnered with over 100 organizations, foundations, coalitions, states and businesses. We have worked with everyone ranging from the Academy of Natural Sciences and the William J. Clinton Foundation to Donna Karen and IMB to engage over 160,000 people.